Online Classes

Class Format


    We currently meet on Mondays at 7pm  CST and Thursdays at 6pm CST.  Please translate that into your home time zone.



    Each level is a 12 week course.  We run courses 3x per year.  January - March, May - July, September - November.  


Where:  We meet in Amazon Chime.  When signing up for classes, please download Amazon Chime and set yourself up with an Amazon username and password.  

Be sure to provide us with the email address you used to sign up, this is how we will connect with you through Chime.   Chime is available for PC, Mac, iPhone, and Android.   


Cost:  Each level has a manual, which can be purchased through for $25 for print or $18.99 on Kindle.  At this time there is no fee to join the classroom.  This may change in the future.


Curriculum:  We currently have 4 levels of online classes that we offer.  


    Level 1:  Potawatomi Basics - Purchase Manual

        Introductions, Orthography, Pronunciation, Animacy and Inanimacy, Pronouns, Verb Structure, Basic Conjugation, Tense Markers


    Level 2:  Potawatomi Enrichment - Purchase Manual

        Money, Colors, Noun Possession, Conjunct Clauses, Information Questions, Adverbs, Participles, and Locatives


    Level 3:  Advanced Beginner Potawatomi - Purchase Manual

        Transitive Inanimate Verbs  


    Level 4:  Advanced Beginner Potawatomi - Coming Soon

        Transitive Animate Verbs