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Jibdebe – To sit

Nde jibteb – I am sitting

Nibdebe o – He/she is sitting

Jibdeben – Sit down

Jibdeen éwisnéyen – Sit down and eat

Jibdebek – Sit down (all of you)

Jibdebek éwisnyék – Sit down and eat (all of you)

Ngi jibtebmen bégishek – We sat (not you) all day

Ggi jibtebmen bégishek – We all sat (including you) all day

Ge jibtebmen shote – Let’s sit here

Wato – To Have Fun

Nwi watomen éwi nim’ediyak – We will have fun when we dance

Ngi watomen égi gwdemojgéyak – We had fun when we went fishing

Gwi zhya ne ibe éwatoyen? – Are you going to go over there to have fun?

I yé i éwatowat gi shkenwék – That’s how those young men have fun

Ni pi je édneswat gode bémadsejek éwatowat? – Where do these people hang around to have fun?

Bashkjéshkwa – To burst someone with foot or body

Ngi bashkjéshkwa o skemé – I burst that mosquito

Ngi baskjéshkwa o ézgak – I burst that tick

Ngi baskjéshkwa o gwakwadé – I burst that grasshopper

Cho ngi bashkjéshkwasi o mémégé – I didn’t burst that butterfly

Cho ngi bashkjéshkwasi weye – I didn’t burst anyone

This verb implies that someone is stepping upon an insect

Zhadgé – To Stay Home

Nwi zhadgé pkonyak éwi binchegéyan – I will stay home tonight to clean up

Ngi zhadgé wnago bégishek – I stayed home yesterday all day

Gwi zhadgémen – We all are staying home

Ge zhadgémen – Let’s stay home

Ngi zhadgénaben wnago – I was supposed to stay home yesterday

Gwi zhadgé ne pkonyak? – Are you staying home tonight?

Mnekwé – To Drink

Nwi mnekwé – I will drink

Gwi mnekwé ne? – Will you drink?

Gda mnekwé – You should drink

Mnekwén ode – Drink this (to one person)

Mnekwék ode – Drink this (to more than one person)

Nwi bidgé zhi éwi mnekwéyan – I will go inside there and have a drink

Ngi bidgé ézhi égi mnekwéyan – I went inside over there and had a drink

Jigwnegabo – He/she is kneeling

Njigwnegabo – I am kneeling

Ngi jigwnegabo – I knelt

Ngi jigwnegabo ibe – I knelt over there

Ngi jigwnegabo ibe égi madmoyan – I knelt over there and prayed

Ngi jigwnegabomen ibe égi madmoyak – We knelt (not you) over there and prayed

Ggi jigwnegabomen ibe égi madmoygo – We knelt (and you) over there and prayed